What do lawn care companies do during winter?

What do lawn care companies do during winter?

Picture of Written by: WILL DUNGER

Written by: WILL DUNGER


A couple of questions we’re often asked at this time of year are ‘Do you have much on at the moment?’ and ‘What do you do during the winter?’. In short, the answers to those questions are ‘Yes, of course’ and ‘Plenty’ respectively.

For many, lawn care is put on the back burner during the winter months for numerous reasons. Such as the cold weather, shorter daylight hours and the festive period. However, this is certainly not the case for Will’s Norfolk Lawns and most lawn care companies in general. The winter months, if anything, are some of the most important of the year as this is when all of our preparation is done for the year ahead.

So what is it exactly that we do during the winter?

Winter Lawn Treatments

Although everyone loves the thought of having a fantastic looking lawn during the summer. It is during the winter that the ground work begins to achieve this. Starting with our Winter Lawn Conditioner treatments.

If you consider what lawns potentially have to deal with during the winter months – lots of rain and waterlogging, frost and snow, shade, disease such as Fusarium and debris like leaf-drop from the trees. It is not the time to take your eye off of the ball and to just leave your lawn to look after itself.

Our Winter Lawn Conditioner treatment is the fifth and final treatment within the cycle of our annual Lawn Treatment Programmes. The liquid application is made to lawns during December and January and contains vital ingredients to keep the lawns ticking over in what can be a challenging time of year. With over five micro-nutrients packed into the treatment it offers the lawn some protection against the factors noted above, as well as a high percentage of iron to control moss and prevent moss spores from spreading.

Treating your lawn during winter is just as important than at any other time of year!

That’s just one small part of what we continue to do during the winter; what else is there?

Servicing and maintaining our equipment and machinery

At Will’s Norfolk Lawns we are always looking to invest in the top of the range equipment where possible. By doing so, this allows us to carry out our work much more efficiently and most importantly, achieve better results. Using our sprayers, spreaders, scarifiers, aerators and mowers on the lawns is just a small part of the job. To keep them working to the optimum level they must be well maintained. With shorter daylights hours during the winter, as well as a fair few windy and wet days we can’t carry out treatments, this provides us the opportunity to keep our equipment up to standard.

Our Eliet 501 scarifier. One of three Eliet scarifiers we have in our fleet.
Our Billy Goat Plugr aerator. A small but mighty piece of equipment.

Planning for the year ahead

Perhaps one of the most important things we do during the ‘quieter’ months is to reflect on the previous year and plan for the upcoming 12 months. ‘What worked well?’ ‘What posed a challenge for us?’ Usually the weather in that case and ‘Is there anything we’d like to do differently?’.

The turf care industry is forever evolving with new and improved products available to apply, new methods of application to consider and the big one which is out of everyone’s hands, the ever changing weather conditions. All of these things means that we must be on our toes when it comes to staying ahead of the curve.. What has worked well in the past, may need to be adapted in the future.

We take the time to evaluate our service and the treatments we apply, how we do them and when etc. All so we can continue to provide the best service we possibly can to our loyal customers. Providing the best service is something we strive to do and is why we do what we do. There is no greater feeling that hearing a customers satisfaction when we have been able to successfully transform their lawn. It really does make all the hard work worthwhile.

Granular fertiliser used for our Summer lawn treatments in 2021.

There are plenty of other smaller jobs that require attention during the winter, those are just to name the three most important to us. So although there is less daylight, more wind and rain to prevent treatments and plenty of chocolate to eat at Christmas, there is always activity behind the scenes at Will’s Norfolk Lawns to give our lawns the best chance of thriving for 12 months of the year.