Seasonal Treatments


We offer a range of lawn treatments, these vary depending on the requirements of your individual lawn. The treatments have been created following extensive research, conversations with numerous suppliers and knowledge of our local soils. All of the above means we can offer you and your lawn the very best by means of products and service.


Will’s Norfolk Lawns can tailor an annual lawn treatment programme to suit individual customers’ needs. The treatment programme required by your lawn may vary depending on the type of lawn and its condition.


Treatments such as aeration, scarification, over seeding, top dressing and wetting agents may be required periodically. Being an independent company we will only advise these when they’re absolutely necessary, guaranteeing they will be carried out at the correct time of year with professional equipment.


We carry out a detailed survey on our first visit to every lawn to thoroughly inspect the lawn and it’s current condition. When doing so we will monitor the following things:

Once the survey is complete we’re able to accurately compile a seasonal treatment plan for your lawn. As each and every lawn has different requirements, it is only right to be able to recommend a treatment programme and schedule that we know will improve your lawn.


This treatment is designed to kick start the growth of your lawn with the increasing daylight and soil temperatures of spring. As soils start to dry out following winter, it’s important that we encourage root growth through a granular fertiliser containing controlled nitrogen, potassium and micro-nutrients. This feed will improve the colour and strength of grass growth, and importantly urge roots to travel downwards.

As we come out of winter with conditions still being damp and cool, moss will continue to be a problem for many lawns, particularly in shady areas. We will apply an iron based control to knock back any moss, giving your lawn the best opportunity to utilise the early spring fertiliser.


Within our Late Spring treatment we apply a specialist fertiliser as the longevity of our early spring fertiliser comes to an end. Given the rate of growth at this time of year, we apply a nitrogen based fertiliser to aid steady growth, without going overboard and encouraging excess thatch production.

We then apply our first weed control of the year. With weeds also growing rapidly, our professional selective herbicides when applied at the correct rates will control a wide range of weeds. Recently germinated weeds will be eradicated and impressive control delivered to the vast majority of common lawn weeds.


Our previous treatments combined with good maintenance (mowing and watering as required) will continue the impressive appearance of your lawn throughout the summer. During July and August we apply a balanced fertiliser which is a fully coated non-scorch product – packed with slow release nitrogen. This means that our fertiliser will only activate as soon as the lawn next receives a drink, should watering prove impractical. Even in more extreme conditions, this product will be in the soil ready to provide sharper recovery.

We also treat for recently germinated, and difficult to control weeds with a specialist weed control product. Our long standing customers lawns will have very few weeds at this point in time, but there may still be a few to control for newer customers, more so if conditions suit their growth, or if the maintenance of the lawn hasn’t been ideal.


Following the stress of a long hot summer, it is important to prepare provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to bring it back to full health and prepare it for winter with a balanced nutritional feed. Our autumn fertiliser application contains a low nitrogen, root enhancing feed that will create a more robust grass plant ready for the winter.

After enjoying a lush lawn all summer, autumn is the time of year where damp, cool conditions leads to slower grass growth, and the spread of moss. Shady areas which sit wet will be prone to moss development from September onwards. With our moss control application, encroachment of moss can be kept at bay.


With low light levels and lots of moisture, moss will continue to pose a threat to grass health through November to February. Our winter treatment will continue to prevent the encroachment of moss as well giving the lawn great colour through the winter months. This is a vitally important treatment in the yearly treatment schedule as it helps the lawn fight off possible winter diseases.