Moss – Causes and Control

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Moss – Causes and Control

what is moss?
Moss is a small flowerless green plant with no roots, which grows in damp habitats and reproduces via spores released from stalked capsules. There are around 1,000 species of moss and with the UK being a particularly wet and cool part of the world for many months of the year, the battle to keep it out of lawns is forever ongoing. It grows well in damp, cool conditions .The difference between mosses and other plants is that they do not require a root system for survival, though some produce a structure called rhizoides. It has a remarkably high drought tolerance and requires little nutrition making it easily able to out-compete lawn grass and eventually take over the whole lawn. Due to the cooler and wetter climate in the UK it thrives during the months between October and March.
What causes Moss?
Moss can soon become a problem in all kinds of lawns. There are various reasons for why this can be the case, here are some below.
How do you control Moss and prevent it in the future?
The best methods of prevention and control are simply to combat the causes of the problem listed above. Moss thrives in damp, dark spaces where it has the freedom to spread. So lets look at how we can reduce the chances of moss encroachment.


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