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What are moles?

Moles are rarely seen as they live underground but they soon make themselves known when they pop up in your lawn, as they are quite destructive and leave quite a mess. They dig out a system of tunnels and dispose of the excavated soil by throwing molehills above the surface.

The soil from the molehills should be removed from your lawn (not flattened as this will kill the grass beneath) and the bare patch re-seeded, if required. Any collapsed surface tunnels should be filled with soil from elsewhere in the garden to maintain a level lawn. Moles prove to be very clever and cunning animals so trying to catch one is quite the challenge.

Keeping lawns clear of leaves and debris in the autumn and winter months will help keep moles away. Leaves on the surface of a lawn will attract worms, which in-turn attracts moles who love feeding on worms.



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