Patch Repair – Rejuvenating your thin lawn!

Thin or bare patches can occur in your lawn for various reasons at any time of year. Whether it be due to high-traffic during the spring and summer or low light levels and damp conditions through the autumn and winter.


Repairing these patches can be achieved very quickly using our six step process.


    1. Remove moss and organic matter such as dead grass or thatch by raking the patch with a spring tine rake.
    2. Spike the areas using a garden fork.
    3. Create a bed for the seed by loosening the soil surface with the spring tine rake.
    4. Apply a quality lawn seed at a rate of around 25-50g per m2.
    5. Cover the seed with a thin layer of soil. This will keep the seed warmer, deter birds and aid germination.
    6. Keep the area well watered once or twice a day. Avoid allowing the soil to dry out.


Patch repair should be carried out between April and mid-October. You should see signs of germination and recovery within 21 days.