Over Seeding and Top Dressing

Over Seeding

Over Seeding is the process of adding additional seed to an existing lawn to thicken the sward and improve overall appearance. Up to 15% of a lawn can die each year and as we are constantly mowing them, they often struggle to regenerate with natural seed heads.

There are many different types of seed that can make a good quality lawn, such as fescue, dwarf ryegrass, bents and smooth stalked meadow grass. The correct seed for your lawn will depend on factors such as soil type, drainage, pH, how much wear and tear it will get, and how it is mowed and maintained.

Top Dressing

Top dressing is a formulation of fine sand and loam or organic material which is worked into the surface of the lawn during the renovation process, usually when scarification or aeration has taken place during the autumn and over seeding or a particularly even surface is required.

Regular top dressing is common on ornamental lawns and professional sports grounds such as golf greens, bowling greens and football pitches.

Very few lawn care companies offer a comprehensive top dressing or total renovation service, but at Will’s Norfolk Lawns we pride ourselves on being able to bring these treatments to the domestic garden for small or even the largest lawns. We also provide the same services to sports grounds. For small lawns with limited access we can apply sand and loam top dressing by hand to produce fantastic results.

Benefits of Top Dressing