Off-Season Maintenance – Managing Moss and Disease

Once the temperatures drop and light levels fade following the end of summer, it is all too easy to put your mower away and forget about your lawn. However, issues such as moss and disease, like Fusarium, tend to rear their ugly heads during the late-autumn and winter. Although the climate in the UK can at times be favourable for moss and disease to develop, there are plenty of maintenance tasks you can do to help prevent them from becoming a problem for your lawn.


  1. Regularly Aerate your lawn to reduce compaction, improve drainage and increase airflow. This will help lower the amount of surface water retention – something both moss and disease love.
  2. Clear leaves and debris off of your lawn as often as you can. Leaves laying on the surface for prolonged periods of time will offer a perfect breeding ground for disease, as well as damaging your grass leaving space for moss to encroach.
  3. Raise your mowing height to 30-50mm between October – February to offer your grass plants some extra protection.
  4. Increase light levels and air access to your lawn by cutting back overhanging trees and shrubs.
  5. Carry out an annual Scarification to keep the thatch layer in your lawn under control. Moss and disease issues can often stem from lawns containing too much thatch.
  6. Brush or switch heavy dews off the surface of your lawn using a broom or cane on autumn and winter mornings.