November Blog

Debris Clearance

It is vitally important to keep your lawn clear of leaves and debris throughout autumn. With trees shedding their leaves, this can cause big problems. If leaves are left laying on your lawn for long periods of time this can promote the development disease and cause your lawn to become thin. Once the grass coverage becomes thin moss and weeds will soon take over, leaving you with a lot of repair work to do come next springtime.

Mowing Your Lawn

A commonly asked question is when should the last cut of the year be carried out. Our advice is as long as your grass is growing, keep mowing. Aim to mow on a high setting (30-40mm) once or twice per month in November, December and January. Mowing with a rotary mower is also a very effective way of collecting leaves and debris from your lawn


With the damp, dark autumn and winter months in the UK this provides the ideal growing conditions for moss. We apply three moss control treatments within our five seasonal treatment visits during the course of the year, however we recommend raking out and large patches of moss within your lawn using a spring-tine rake. This will prevent the moss from spreading and allow more sunlight and air to access the grass plants, keeping it healthier and preventing winter die-back.

Worm Casts

It is common to notice worm casts popping up all over your lawn at this time of year. Although looking a little unsightly, the worms are nothing to worry about. The actually benefit lawns by feeding on organic material in the soil and provide natural aeration. We advise removing worm casts from the surface of your lawn by using a stiff brush or picking them off prior to mowing. Keeping leaves regularly cleared off will also help deter worms from casting.