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Water is essential for keeping a healthy, hydrated lawn. However, regularly watering lawns isn’t for everyone. That is why our Water Conserver treatment, consisting of a granular wetting agent, can save you time and money whilst being highly beneficial to your lawn.

Our Water Conserver helps your lawn by enhancing the effectiveness of any moisture it receives, whether that be via rainfall or from the hosepipe by up to 25%. It will encourage water to penetrate through the soil into the rootzone to reduce stress, strengthen the grass plant and keep your lawn greener for longer. During periods of hot and dry weather it will offer your grass some added protection and ensure it bounces back to its former lush appearance much faster.

This is a granular treatment that is best applied twice per year, once in the spring and in the summer.



As an independent (non-franchised) business this allows us to provide an exceptional standard of service with bespoke lawn treatments.

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We use organic-based fertilisers and limit use of pesticides. We reduce vehicle mileage by treating all customers in the same area on the same day.

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We provide annual lawn treatment programmes which are tailor made to the needs of your lawn to keep your lawn looking good.

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