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Scarification & Over Seeding

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Scarification and Over Seeding should come hand in hand. After you scarify, there will undoubtedly be areas of your lawn which require an extra helping hand to thicken up in the spaces where moss and thatch have been removed. By over seeding, you can help your lawn do just that. Our comprehensive Lawn Maintainer and Lawn Revitaliser cultural packages, which can be included within our Premier lawn treatment programme, has everything required to breathe new life into your lawn. Before we get onto the Lawn Maintainer and Lawn Revitaliser packages, it is important to understand what we’re trying to achieve when carrying out Scarification and Over Seeding.

Spring, Summer or Autumn

When temperature and moisture is available to aid recovery.

Scarification is a very important part of keeping your lawn in a healthy condition. It is a mechanical rake-like process which removes potentially harmful unwanted organic matter (a.k.a thatch) from the surface of your lawn. Thatch is a build-up layer of surface and sub-surface dead grass, grass clippings and moss that can accumulate over many years.

Over Seeding is the process of sowing new grass seed to an existing lawn to thicken the sward and improve overall appearance. This is usually done following mechanical procedures such as aeration and scarification and is a great way to rejuvenate thin or patchy lawns.

There are many different types of seed that can make for a good quality lawn; however we believe a mixture of modern Ryegrass with Creeping Fescue will acquire the best results.

To successfully over seed a lawn there are two factors that must be achieved: timing of seed application and good soil contact.


Soil temperatures must be warm and moist for success. Late August through to the middle of October is the optimum time because once germinated the seed can slowly establish through the winter months.


Over seeding will not be successful unless full soil contact is achieved. Simply throwing seed on top of an existing lawn or bare patch will not work. When over seeding following scarification we will pull a drag-mat over the lawn to improve seed-soil contact. Alternatively, top dressing the lawn would be the best option.

A build-up of thatch and moss can become damaging to a lawn by preventing water, air, and nutrients from reaching the soil and root zone. As a result, lawns will suffer by becoming thin, patchy and less stress-tolerant. Removing the layer of organic matter from your lawn encourages healthier and more resilient grass growth as well as a denser sward.

Adding new seed to the lawn following scarification will promote a healthier, thicker and better-looking lawn.


At Will’s Norfolk Lawns we use professional scarifiers with adjustable rotating blades. They cut vertically through the surface of your lawn to remove moss and thatch, which is not normally affected by horizontal mowing. Every lawn has different needs which means we can adapt our scarifications to suit each lawn.

Once we have collected the debris from the lawn following a scarification, we will apply the seed via hand or spreader to ensure the thinnest areas of your lawn receives the correct amount of seed. We will then brush or drag-mat the surface of the lawn to gain greater seed-soil contact.

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Brian Davies Lawn

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Amanda Tillett Lawn

Lawn Maintainer

The Lawn Maintainer package includes a double-pass scarification and over seeding of bare patches. This package is for lawns that are in an average-good condition and can be maintained with light thatch and moss removal, where only a small amount of seeding will be necessary.

A root enhancing and moisture retentive treatment will be applied following the Lawn Maintainer to aid the recovery of your lawn.

Lawn Revitaliser

The Lawn Revitaliser package is designed for poor-average lawns that require considerably more TLC. Where the grass coverage and species are substandard, and the Lawn Maintainer simply won’t be effective enough.

Multiple scarification passes of your lawn will be carried out, followed by heavy over-seeding and drag matting your lawn. A root-enhancing and moisture-retentive treatment will be applied following the Lawn Revitaliser to aid the recovery of your lawn.


As an independent (non-franchised) business this allows us to provide an exceptional standard of service with bespoke lawn treatments.

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