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Mow-Less Treatment


April - September


This intelligent treatment slows down the vertical growth of your grass, meaning you don’t need to mow as often. However, our Mow-Less treatment also improves the thickness of your lawn and strengthens the root structure. It does this by causing a greater concentration of nutrients resulting in a shorter, wider grass leaf and a healthier, lusher lawn.

Mow-Less is particularly useful for shaded lawns as the grass plant is less inclined to grow towards sunny patches. Or if you’re going away for a while, Mow-Less will ensure your lawn doesn’t get out of control whilst you can’t mow it.

We apply a specialised growth regulator in the form of a liquid spray which affects the hormone in the grass that causes vertical growth, decreasing it’s need for mowing. The important natural growth process continues but in the form of lateral and improved root growth to allow access to more nutrients and moisture.

Mow-Less isn’t included in any of our Lawn Programmes but is available as a separate treatment to any of our customers.



As an independent (non-franchised) business this allows us to provide an exceptional standard of service with bespoke lawn treatments.

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