Lawn SAS and Improver

Mechanical procedures are vitally important treatments for your lawn, which should be carried out on a regular basis. By controlling the development of moss and thatch via Scarification along with relieving compaction and creating air pockets for the rootzone to strengthen with Aeration. These procedures will allow your lawn to utilise our seasonal treatments to the highest capacity, giving your lawn an even better chance of thriving.


Our Lawn SAS and Lawn Improver packages are combinations of Scarification, Aeration and Over Seeding.

lawn sas

Our lawn SAS package, standing for Scarification, Aeration and Seeding, is designed for lawns that are already in a good condition with 90-100% grass coverage and with very little moss or thatch. We will carry out 3-4 passes of your lawn with our professional machines followed by lightly over-seeding any bare or thin patches left behind. The SAS package is best carried out during spring and autumn.

lawn improver

Although very similar to the SAS package, within our Improver visit we will carry out 4-6 passes of your lawn with the scarifier and/or aerator. This package is designed for lawns that also have good grass coverage, however may have too much moss or thatch in the lawn for our liking, which is likely to have a detrimental effect to the appearance. Following the scarifying and aerating we will also over-seed the lawn.

All mechanical procedures carried out by Will’s Norfolk Lawns are done so by fully trained technicians using some of the best equipment and methods available. Sit back, relax, and let us do the hard work for you!