Lawn Renovation – The Will’s Norfolk Lawns Way

What is a Will’s Norfolk Lawns Lawn Renovation?

 A Will’s Norfolk Lawns renovation is a highly-detailed, thorough process that is designed for lawns that have very poor grass coverage and/or quality, as well as excessive thatch and moss. Our 6-step renovation package can rejuvenate an old, tired lawn for less than half the cost of completely re-turfing.

What’s included in the Lawn Renovation?


Our 6-step renovation process allows us to strip back an existing lawn to soil in preparation for over-seeding. Followed by applying some very important products to aid seed germination and the lawns recovery.


1. We will aggressively scarify the lawn with up to 6 passes with our heavy-duty scarifiers, collecting and removing the waste debris (moss and thatch) along the way.
2. Following the scarification we will aerate the lawn using a solid-tine aerator. Thousands of holes will be created to aid root development.
3. Once the machines are packed away we will over-seed the lawn using a high-grade seed suited to the growing conditions of the lawn.
4. A sand-based top dressing will then be applied to help seed germination as well as leveling off any minor undulations across the surface of your lawn.
5. We apply a pre-seed fertiliser to encourage the fast establishment of the thousands of new seedlings that will be growing in your lawn.
6. To finish off, an application of wetting agent is made to help water retention and give the lawn the best chance of fast recovery.


* optional extra – if the existing lawn has a very poor quality of grass species we are able to kill off those grasses prior to carrying out the renovation.

When can the Lawn Renovation be carried out?


The window for our lawn renovations will begin when the soil temperatures have warmed up sufficiently in spring, quite often by the middle of April, all the way through to the end of September. The two most important factors in the recovery of the lawn following a renovation is warmth and moisture. If the soil temperatures are above 8oC and water is available either from the sky or hose, then we’re good to go!

What happens after a Lawn Renovation?


Following all of our renovations we provide our customers with detailed aftercare advice which include watering and mowing. If good aftercare is carried out following a renovation, we expect to see signs of seed germination within 14 days, and full recovery between 6-10 weeks.