Hard Surface Treatments

Keep your hard surfaces clear and clear for up to six months at a time with our Surface Cleaning and Surface Weed Control treatments. These treatments are best applied in the spring and autumn to keep your patios and driveways looking good all year round.

Surface Cleaning

Our Surface Cleaning treatment is an efficient and progressive application that treats mould, algae and grime on hard surfaces. It is an alternative to pressure-washing, meaning this non-abrasive/no mess product does not cause any damage. Surface Cleaning can be applied on patios, brick weave and garden furniture.

Surface Weed Control

Our Surface Weed Control treatment is ideal for keeping gravel driveways and paths and soft surface areas clean and weed free during the spring and summer months. The application will kill any weeds currently showing on the surface and prevent any re-growth for up to six months making it an extremely efficient treatment.