General Questions

No, we provide our services without the need for a long-term commitment. We will book in the treatments that have been accepted within your quotation. However, you are free to cancel at anytime.

To gain the most from our treatment programmes, we do recommend continual treatment of your lawn on an annual basis.

Yes, all of our Lawn Technicians are fully trained and NTPC certified. Will’s Norfolk Lawns are accredited to BASIS Lawn Assured and the Amenity Standard. These are government-backed schemes which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to provide the highest level of service for our customers, staff and then environment.

Most DIY products tend to be a ‘jack of all trades’ (three-in-one feed, moss & weed etc) without too much substance. Those feeds tend to only last around 4 weeks before running out of puff, whereas our fertilisers can last up to 3 months at a time giving your lawn a consistent balance of nutrients.

Weed and moss controls need to be applied at the correct rate, at the correct time of year with the correct application methods. Our service takes away all the stress of having to worry about this yourself, as well as the possibility of damaging your lawn if you get it wrong.

Our professional products also tend to be much stronger than those that can be bought off the shelf, meaning we’re able to achieve better results must faster.

Along with the above, you would also receive ongoing advice on maintaining your lawn from us, to keep it in the best condition possible. What’s not to like?

No, all we need is access to the lawn to be able to apply our treatments. We will notify you of our intended visits 7-14 days prior so you know when we’re coming and we never turn up unannounced.
No, we’re an independent family-run business with a passion for offering the very best level of customer service. Unlike most franchises, who apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we’re able to tailor make our treatment programmes and the products we use to suit the needs of every lawn.

We offer two different payment methods, which are Pay As You Go (PAYG) or Annual Pre-Payment.

If you’re prefer to PAYG we will send you an invoice via email following the completion of each treatment. Alternatively, should you wish to pre-pay for your annual treatment plan, you will receive an additional 5% discount.

Payments can be made via BACS, cheque or cash.

We are a trusted local independent family run business, able to offer a high level of customer service, fast response times and a flexible approach to how we treat our customers’ lawns. We make it simple for you, our treatments are tailored for your lawn, rather than a one size fits all approach that the large national franchise may offer. You will also get a consistent lawn technician visiting, which allows us to better track progress with your lawn and adapt should any issues from the seasonal weather arise.

By choosing Will’s Norfolk Lawns you will receive a high quality of service from a local independent business. We are one of the few lawn care companies to be fully accredited to the government backed BASIS Lawn Assured scheme and a member of the UK Lawn Care Association, which demonstrates our professionalism and dedication to working to the highest standards for our staff, customers and the environment.
We only provide professional lawn care, so have the experience, expertise, professional calibrated machinery to get the job done right. It’s easy to buy DIY lawn care proceeds and over apply then damage your lawn or under apply and get no benefit. Let us take away the hassle and uncertainty. We use the best lawn products that are more effective and last far longer than anything available to the public. We don’t use combined feed/weed products, instead match the fertiliser to your grass & soil type, weather conditions and the seasons to get the best results.

This depends on the condition of your lawn when we begin to treat it. For poor lawns riddled with moss, weeds, bare patches and other underlying issues it can take 12-24 months to see the full benefit of our treatment plans. Once the lawn is in a significantly better condition, or if an already healthy lawn is your starting point, our aim is to ensure it remains it that condition.

The weather conditions will often play a decisive role in the above.

Lawn Treatment Questions

Yes, and adults too! This is on the basis that we are fully trained and certified to use and apply products correctly.

We typically advise to stay off of treated areas for two hours following a liquid treatment (weed or moss control), or until the grass is dry. If you have grazing pets such as rabbits or guinea-pigs, we recommended keeping them off the lawn for 14 days or until weeds have disappeared from the lawn.

When we apply granular treatments (fertiliser), the lawn can typically be used immediately. However, if you have pets such as chickens or ducks that may peck at the lawn, we advise keeping them off the treated area until the fertiliser has dissolved.


The great news is that you can begin treating your lawn at any time of the year. The products we use within our lawn treatment programmes are specific to the time of year they’re due to be applied, to keep your lawn in the best condition possible. Therefore whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter we’re able to apply a treatment to keep your grass plants happy.

Within a few weeks, quite often sooner. As we’re working with mother nature, the time in which your lawn responds to our treatments can be heavily dictated by the weather.

Fertilsers – your lawn will show signs of becoming greener and thicker within a couple of weeks of a fertiliser application. Our fertilisers require the correct level of moisture and temperature to begin working, once it receives those they’ll start to work their magic.

In periods of dry weather, the fertiliser can take a little longer so we do recommend giving your lawn a drink if possible. However, your fertiliser will not harm your lawn if you’re unable to water.

Weeds – most weeds can take up to three weeks to show signs of dying back and can take longer to completely disappear from the lawn. This is dependent on the type of weed within the lawn, as some weeds such as Yarrow or Speedwell take longer than others. Weeds can only be controlled when they’re actively growing during spring, early summer or autumn.

Moss – The moss in your lawn will turn brown/black within 48 hours of a treatment. However, it is important to understand that moss does not die back and disappear like weeds do, it can only be controlled. Our iron-based moss control treatments will dehydrate moss to prevent it from spreading. It will then need raking or scarifying out to remove it from the lawn and to stop it from spreading.

No, we do not mow lawns as a service. We’re more than happy to advise our customers on the best methods of doing so to achieve a great looking lawn.
Most treatments do not require watering in once applied. However, to keep your lawn green and healthy during the summer months, watering is recommended.

You are able to go on the lawn following a treatment as soon as the lawn is dry, typically within a couple of hours.

We do advise to avoid mowing for three days after a treatment to allow the products sufficient time to get to work.

Assuming the lawn has been mowed fairly recently and is at a suitable length, the only thing that needs doing prior to our visits is to remove obstacles and debris from the lawn.

Removing items such as garden furniture, toys, trampolines and leaves from your lawn is greatly appreciated so we’re able to treat the lawn effectively. Your lawn will thank you for this too, as leaving items such as the above on the lawn for a long period of time can cause the grass to die-back and become thin.

Lawn Advice Questions

Yes, during our survey visit we will ask you about your current mowing and watering regime. We will then advise on any changes we feel could be necessary and that would benefit your lawn.

We send out a monthly newsletter to our customers during the year advising on mowing and watering techniques, as well as other tips and advice to keep your lawn in top condition in between our visits.

In short, lawns should be cut weekly during the growing season at a height between 25-40mm using a mower with a sharp blade.

The correct mowing regime is vital to maintaining a good lawn, as it will encourage a thicker, healthier grass coverage. Mowing too short or not mowing enough will lead to problems such as disease or bare patches.

We have a blog on ‘Mowing’ 

Watering your lawn is your personal choice. Simply put if you want your lawn to stay green between late Spring and early Autumn you may need to water weekly with a sprinkler. If you don’t want to water (that’s okay with us!) you may need to undertake more maintenance such as scarifying and aerating in Spring or Autumn.

Why? Your lawn is made of thousands of small grass plants, each needing water to survive. Grass is very hardy but when it does not get enough water, it will turn a brown colour and many grass blades die back, leaving unsightly straw-coloured patches in the lawn. As a general guide, we suggest our customers water their lawn once a week from mid Spring to early Autumn. In the hot dry Summer period, more frequent watering is needed.

How to water your lawn

Yes, with a combination of moss controls within our lawn treatment programmes, as well as regular scarification and aeration, we’re confident we can tackle the moss issues within your lawn.

Moss thrives in damp and shaded conditions, so if it is possible to improve sunlight and airflow to your lawn by trimming back overhanging trees and shrubs, this would be a big help to your lawn.

Causes and Controls of Moss

Yes, our professional selective herbicides will reduce the weed content within your lawn by up to 90% from the first application, whilst controlling any remaining visible weeds during following visits.

We will only apply weed controls when absolutely necessary. If your lawn only has a couple of weeds in we will opt to ‘spot spray’ the weeds, rather than spraying the entire lawn.

Weeds can only be controlled when they’re actively growing during spring, summer and early autumn when there is moisture in the soil.

How well do you know your weeds?

Firstly we must establish why bare patches have occurred in your lawn, once we are satisfied why, we can put together a plan of action to repair them.

Minor areas can be repaired by raking the soil, forking the area to create holes, applying grass seed and adding a thin layer of top soil to aid seed germination. If bare patches are a significant issue then treatments such as scarification, aeration, over seeding and top dressing may be required.

Repairing small areas of your lawn

Top dressing a lawn will help iron out minor bumps and undulations, which we’re able to help with.

A very uneven lawn with big dips and hollows may require the grass to be removed, rotovated, fresh soil added to level the area prior to re-installing the lawn. We do not require these soft landscaping services, however we’re happy to offer advice on how to do so.