Dry Patch

What is Dry Patch?   Regardless of how much rain we often seem to get in the UK (and don’t we love to complain about it!), Dry Patch is a phenomena which happens to lawns during the summer when soil conditions have become so dry that water is no longer able to penetrate into the… Continue reading Dry Patch

November Blog

Debris Clearance It is vitally important to keep your lawn clear of leaves and debris throughout autumn. With trees shedding their leaves, this can cause big problems. If leaves are left laying on your lawn for long periods of time this can promote the development disease and cause your lawn to become thin. Once the… Continue reading November Blog

Spring Lawn Care Tips

1. Winter is harsh on the grass plant, it has to withstand the harshest of weather. Due to the reduction of readily available nutrients the plant can appear yellow & stressed. Spring is a good time to replace and spruce up the nutrients that have been lacking through the winter months. Garden centres will offer… Continue reading Spring Lawn Care Tips

Summer Lawn Care Tips

1. Although lawns may lose some of the lush green colour and become dormant during the height of the summer, it is still important to provide the grass with a balanced nutritional feed. Apply a slow-release fertiliser to keep your lawn healthy. This feed is important as when the lawn does receive a good drink,… Continue reading Summer Lawn Care Tips

Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Continue to mow as normal throughout the transition between summer and autumn. With more regular rainfall lawns will begin to naturally recover with the growth rate increasing.   Autumn Lawn Treatment September is a great time to apply an autumn fertiliser. A balanced nutritional feed will help the lawn recover from the difficulties of summer… Continue reading Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Winter Lawn Care Tips

1. Walking on a frosty lawn may seem harmless at the time, however the damage will become evident once the frost has cleared. If you walk on your frozen lawn you will risk fracturing the grass plants and shearing the root structure, leaving dark discoloured footprints to form which will stay for quite some time.… Continue reading Winter Lawn Care Tips

Weeds In A Lawn

The term weed is used to describe an invasive plant that is competing to grow in the same space as your grass. Weed seeds can lay dormant in soils for long periods of time before germinating to become unsightly figures within your lawn. This creates an ongoing battle to completely eradicate them. There are many… Continue reading Weeds In A Lawn

Moss In Lawns

There are around 12,000 species of moss and with the UK being a particularly wet and cool part of the world for many months of the year, the battle to keep it out of our lawns is forever ongoing.   Moss is a flowerless plant that reproduces by spreading spores. It needs plenty of moisture… Continue reading Moss In Lawns

Lawn Pests

chafer Grubs Chafer Grubs are garden grubs which can cause severe damage to lawns or any grassed area. The small brown Chafer Beetle is harmless and will not cause any damage to your beloved lawn. However, the grubs – which are the larvae of the Chafer Beetle – can be extremely destructive. Chafer Grubs cause… Continue reading Lawn Pests

Lawn Diseases

When grass is under stress it can lead to a number of lawn diseases taking hold. Some will cause minor cosmetic damage to the grass blades, others can kill of large areas of the lawn, ultimately ruining the lush green appearance. There are various different factors that contribute to the development of disease in domestic… Continue reading Lawn Diseases