April is a great time for our lawns. With the winter behind us and temperatures rising, combined with the traditional April-showers, now is the time to increase the attention given to our garden.



  1. Spring Feed Now is the time to apply a spring feed, if you haven’t done so already. A balanced nutritional fertiliser will give your lawn a much needed boost following the cold wet winter months, encouraging a greener, thicker grass growth.


  1. Mowing With the rate of growth of our lawns increasing, we now need to increase the frequency of our mowing. During the month of April we should be mowing every 7-10 days, removing the grass clippings as we go. Remember, a sharp blade is essential for the health of our grass and regularly change the direction of cut.


  1. Time To Weed Out The Weeds You will want to remove some weeds to get your lawn looking more like a lawn rather than a field. It is a good idea to apply a selective herbicide as you will want to ensure the majority of your weeds are controlled. You can remove weeds by handing, however if you fail to remove all of the root from the weed there is a good chance they will grow back.


  1. Remedial WorkThroughout the year for a number of reasons your lawn will build up a layer of thatch and also soil can suffer from compaction  These two issues cause a restriction of nutrients flowing into the grass roots. Raking the surface can remove some of the thatch and moss, an easier way to carrying this out is to scarify the lawn (mechanically rake). Aeration is also a useful task to try and break up thatch and compaction, this can be achieved using something as simple as a garden fork or a professional machine.


  1. Patch Repair It is a good time to carry out any patch repairs needed within your lawn if any areas are thin or bare. Rake the area to remove dead grass/thatch and prepare the soil for seeding, then apply a seed/soil mix followed by regular watering.