Unfortunately, no matter how much love and care we give to our lawn, without moisture we have nothing. Without it, lawns will not thrive, they soon turn brown and go into a dormant state until water is available.

If you decide to water your lawn it is best to try and mimic nature by irrigating thoroughly to simulate natural rainfall – taking the ‘little and often’ approach is rarely adequate and is not recommended. Simulating rainfall encourages your lawn to root deep as it searches for water, so our advice is to water heavily to saturation point, either at night or early in the morning when there is less wind and sun to cause evaporation.

  • Apply water to your lawn when it is cooler to avoid evaporation and scorching from the sun - early in the morning or late evenings.
  • Ensure you are applying enough water to your lawn. Around 25mm of water one to three times per week. Place a rain gauge or empty jar within range of the sprinkler to check you are applying enough water.
  • How much does it cost? Applying 25mm of water to a 100m2 lawn costs a little over £4 based on the latest Anglian Water figures.
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