Terms and Conditions of Service


All work undertaken by Will’s Norfolk Lawns is done so in line with the terms and conditions set out below. By requesting Will’s Norfolk Lawns to undertake any work the customer is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may change in line with business requirements.

  1. Any quotations for supply of services or goods provided by Will's Norfolk Lawns will be open for acceptance for a period of thirty days, unless otherwise stated. Following the thirty day period the quotation may be subject to change.
  2. You will receive a notification of our visits via your specified mode of contact (phone or email) within fourteen days of the visit date. You may cancel visits with 24 hours-notice with no cost implications.
  3. Employees of Will's Norfolk Lawns agrees to perform all work specified in a workmanlike manner using reasonable care to attain satisfactory results
  4. Seasonal weather conditions may dictate a change from the treatment plan. All changes that make a material difference to the cost will be discussed prior to the application.
  5. If aeration, scarification, over seeding or top dressing work is carried out the customer needs to make necessary arrangements for disposal of debris (e.g. mini skip). The quotation price will NOT include waste removal. The standard cost includes raking up and removing debris from the lawn to a compost heap or into bags. If you require Will's Norfolk Lawns to take the waste away for disposal, additional charges may apply.
  6. Unless payment is made at the time of the service provided, all other payments shall be made within 14 days of the relevant invoice, unless otherwise agreed, by cash/BACS or cheque. Should payment not be made within 14 days, additional charges may apply.
  7. Any client wishing to make a late payment must arrange this with Will’s Norfolk Lawns at their earliest convenience; failure to do so may incur late payment fees, which will be applied from the 15th day from the date of the first invoice (when 5% will be added to the invoice total).
  8. Will’s Norfolk Lawns may offer discounts for clients wishing to pay via annual prepayment in order to save on administrative costs. Clients paying in advance for yearly treatments will receive a 5% discount.
  9. Will’s Norfolk Lawns accepts no liability for damage to utilities / hidden structures unless the position of said utilities / hidden structures is clearly identified on a site plan.
  10. In the event of Will's Norfolk Lawns being prevented from carrying out treatments at the agreed time by the client due to not being able to gain access, i.e. locked gates or debris not being cleared off of lawns, i.e. leaves, on the first occasion the treatment will be rescheduled. If this is to occur more than once for any given visit, the customer may receive a £15 charge. This is to cover the cost of time and travel to the address for work to not be carried out through no fault of our own.
  11. The removal of litter or dog/pet excrement from the site is the responsibility of the client. If the above prevents Will’s Norfolk Lawns from carrying out our services, The Company reserves the right to implement additional charges. Every customer can gain email reminders from Will’s Norfolk Lawns to avoid such situations.
  12. Pesticides – Will’s Norfolk Lawns will ensure that pesticide application is carried out when weather conditions are suitable. Spraying will be carried out by fully qualified NPTC operators, and in compliance with all statutory requirements. Weather depending, we will carry out spraying when programmed.
  13. Lawn renovations may be carried out in the spring or autumn time to restore your lawn back to full health. As this process requires the purchase of seed and top dressing specific to the needs of each lawn, prepayment from the client could be required. Without prepayment being received, Will’s Norfolk Lawns will not carry out the renovation.
  14. Renovation work requires a strict after-care schedule to be met from the client, supplied by Will’s Norfolk Lawns. If the client cannot, or is unable, to carry out the necessary aftercare, the renovation may not be carried out. This is due to the fact the lawn will not fully recover without the aftercare, which Will’s Norfolk Lawns cannot take responsibility for.
  15. Will’s Norfolk Lawns accepts no responsibility for accidental breakages arising from our work. Any payment or works that may be made is solely at the discretion of Will’s Norfolk Lawns and admits no fault or liability.
  16. Damage caused to property due to stones and other items left in the lawn: Will’s Norfolk Lawns cannot be held responsible for damage caused by small stones and other items left in the clients’ lawn. While we try to take every care around pebbled/landscaped areas, the client is responsible for ensuring stones aren’t in the lawn itself.
  17. All images taken of our work remain the property of the Company for marketing efforts. We will take care not to reveal potentially sensitive information within these images.
  18. The client is free to cancel any pre-arranged treatments booked in with Will’s Norfolk Lawns at their own discretion.