Scarification is a mechanical rake-like process which removes organic matter from the surface of your lawn. A build-up of moss and thatch can becoming damaging to a lawn by preventing water, air and nutrients from reaching the soil and grass roots. As a result lawns will become thin, patchy and will be prone to dying off in times of drought. Removing the layer of organic matter from your lawn encourages fresh, healthier and more resilient grass growth as well as a denser sward.

The dead organic matter is raked from the lawn, and bagged ready for disposal. Different lawns produce thatch at different rates depending on their condition, grass mix, aspect and soil make up. As a rule we recommend scarifying annually, however some lawns may need it twice a year in Spring and Autumn, we can let you know what your lawn requires.

The optimum times of year to carry out a lawn scarification is in the spring and autumn. As scarifying is an invasive process it should only be done when weather conditions allow for plenty of warmth and moisture, which aids recovery. Scarifying at unsuitable times of the year such as the middle of summer or winter can cause more damage to your lawn.

Wills Norfolk Lawns - specialist lawn care based in Norfolk
Wills Norfolk Lawns - specialist lawn care based in Norfolk