Seasonal Treatments


Our Packages

We offer four service package options. These vary depending on the requirements of your individual lawn. The packages have been created following extensive research, conversations with numerous suppliers and knowledge of our local soils. All of the above means we can offer you and your lawn the very best by means of products and service.

Will’s Norfolk Lawns can tailor an annual lawn treatment programme to suit individual customers’ needs. The treatment programme required by your lawn may vary depending on the type of lawn and its condition.

Treatments such as aeration, scarification, over seeding, top dressing and wetting agents may be required periodically. Being an independent company we will only advise these when they’re absolutely necessary, guaranteeing they will be carried out at the correct time of year with professional equipment.

Basic Standard Total Renovator
Spring Lawn Feed & Weed Control
Summer Lawn Feed & Weed Control
Autumn Lawn Feed & Moss Control
Winter Moss Control
Over Seeding
Wetting Agent
Top Dressing
Pre-Seed Fertiliser


Lawn Feed & Weed Control

  • Gives the lawn a much needed nutrient boost following the winter.
  • Promotes healthy root growth and maintains great colour.
  • Kills the majority of weeds within the lawn.


Lawn Feed & Weed Control

  • Drought safe controlled release summer fertiliser application.
  • Replaces nutrients lost from mowing whilst maintaining great colour.
  • Eliminates any remaining or new weeds that are in the lawn.


Lawn Feed & Moss Control

  • Low-nitrogen root developing nutrient.
  • Creates a more robust grass plant ready for winter.
  • Fast acting moss control with visible results within 1 hour!


Moss Control

  • A liquid moss control that helps your lawn through the winter months.
  • Reduces moss spores for continued control of moss.


Wills Norfolk Lawns - specialist lawn care based in Norfolk


Aeration is one of the most beneficial treatments for a lawn. The process creates small holes or slits in the soil to allow air, moisture and nutrients into the root zone. This encourages deeper and stronger roots and can relieve compaction and improve surface drainage.

Wills Norfolk Lawns - specialist lawn care based in Norfolk


Scarification is a mechanical rake-like process which removes organic matter (moss and thatch) from the surface of your lawn. This improves water and air penetration to the soil to allow the grass to thrive, leading to a greener healthier lawn.

Wills Norfolk Lawns - specialist lawn care based in Norfolk


Over time lawns can thin and grass plant reproduction rates drop. This can allow weeds and moss to creep into your lawn. Over seeding adds new grass plants into your lawn to thicken the sward and improve the overall appearance. Keeping your lawn revitalized and healthy.

Wills Norfolk Lawns - specialist lawn care based in Norfolk


Top Dressing is a fine sand-based soil that is a key part of lawn renovation and repairs. It allows for better seed germination and grass establishment by retaining more moisture and warmth.