Some lawns can be in such poor condition that they require a complete refurbishment in order to restore them back to full health. Our 6-step lawn renovation package is the full make-over. Customers across Norfolk have been amazed with our results, and with costs at less than a half of completely re-turfing.

Our Lawn Renovation package includes:

  • Hollow-Tine Aeration.
  • Heavy Scarification (4-8 passes).
  • Application of wetting agent.
  • Over seeding with top grade grass seed appropriate to your lawn.
  • Pre-seed fertiliser application.
  • Top dressing to aid seed germination and lawn recovery.

Does my lawn need this work?

This very much depends on the condition of your lawn and your short to medium term expectations. The package is best suited for lawns where grass coverage is extremely thin, or where an excessive thatch layer has been allowed to build. Unless this is adequately removed via aggressive mechanical works, new seed will struggle.

How long would the process take?

This depends on the size of your lawn. We would be confident in completing lawns up to 500m2 within a single day.

When can this be done and how long will it take to recover?

We typically carry out our lawn renovation process in the early autumn, but only when weather conditions are favourable. Following the completion of the renovation Will’s Norfolk Lawns will provide an aftercare guide of mowing and watering to care for your new lawn. Providing the guide is carried out, full grass coverage should be achieved within 8-10 weeks.