Aeration is one of the most beneficial treatments for a lawn or any turf surface. The process creates small holes or slits in the soil to allow air, moisture and nutrients into the root zone. This encourages deeper and stronger roots, relieves compaction and improves surface drainage.

Healthy grass needs a deep root structure in well-drained, un-compacted soil. Over time soil will become compacted from regular use in wet or dry conditions; eventually limiting nutrients, air and water from reaching the grass roots, leading to an unhealthy lawn. Aeration is a vital part of any annual lawn care programme.

Will’s Norfolk Lawns can complete lawn aerations in three different ways. These are Fracture-Tine Aeration, Hollow-Tine Aeration and Solid Tine Spiking. The type which is best for your lawn will depend on current lawn, soil or weather conditions. The benefits of each aeration include:

  • Allows oxygen, air and water to penetrate root zone.
  • Improves surface drainage.
  • Reduces moss infestation.
  • Increases microbial activity.
  • Stimulates root growth and improves nutrient uptake.
  • Increased stress tolerance.